logo7th International Legume Conference
"Legume Systematics for Next Generation"  29 Aug - 2 Sept 2018,  Sendai,   JAPAN

Mid-conference Excursion

Mid-conference Excursion

We will hold a Mid-conference Excursion on 31st Aug. (Fri).


(1) Workshop on "Big-data based natural history science: exploring the chance of collaboration" (tentative title) at: the 4th Floor of the Conference Venue. We will place sign boards on the 4th floor.

(2) Botanical Garden tour at Tohoku University guided by Koji Yonekura.  Participants need to come to the main gate of the garden by themselves (see the map (page 2).

(Participants to the Excursion move to the meeting point)



(3) Mid-conference Excursion: Buses start from the Meeting points to visit Sakunami area for Historical place, Whisky brewery, and Japanese Hot Spring.

Conference Dinner (registration necessary)

(** If you didn't attend the excursion, you need to come to Sakunami by train. Train schedule is in the text ** )

(Participants who don't attend to the Conference Dinner)




(4) Conference Dinner at the Iwamatsu Ryokan Onsen Hotel.

Bust start to Sendai at 19:30.  Arrival time at Sendai City about 20:30

Bus start to Sendai. Arrival time at Sendai City area about 18:20 and Sendai Station about 18:30.

Coordinator: Tadashi Kajita, Yoshihisa Suyama, Koji Yonekura and Firouzeh Javadi
Date: 11:30 - 18:30 on 31st August, 2018
Meeting Points:  (1) Entrance lobby of the Conference Venue and (2) Main Entrance of Botanical Garden
Maximum capacity: 110 people for two buses.
Registration fee:FREE (including a round trip bus transportation, a guided tour to the Nikka Whiskey Brewery, Entrance fee to Iwamatsu-ryokan (an traditional style Japanese Spa resort), Fee for taking spa (with a rental towel))   ** Lunch IS NOT included (participants will take lunch at restaurants or shops in Jouge area.)
Preparation:  If you will try Japanese Style Hot Spa, you may want to bring your own clothes and bigger towel. Soap and shampoo will be provided at the spa. Taking Onsen Hot Spring after a half day excursion is so good experience.
Registration: To adjust the number of passengers in two busses, from the form below.


  • 11:30:  After the workshop and Botanical Garden tour, participants of the excursion will meet up at entrance lobby of the Conference venue or the entrance of the Botanical Garden. We start by two Buses. (max capacity 110 people)
  • 12:30:  Jouge area.  Historical place (Temple and small town) and surrounding natural forests.  Participants will have lunch here by themselves. Please try the famous Fried Tohu. (see the map below to have an idea about what you can have).
Stay for two hours.
  • 14:30:  Start to Sakunami Area by bus. The bus will start following the schedule, so please don't be late for the bus.
  • 15:00:   Nikka whiskey brewery: A guided tour for about an hour. This area is famous for clear water suitable for whiskey. You may want to taste.
  • 16:20:  Start to Iwamatsu Ryokoan Hot Spring hotel.  Participants enter the hotel and can try to take Japanese style Hot Spring. The organization committee will pay the entrance fee to the hotel (70 JPY/p) and fee for the Hot Spring (1,500 JPY/p, including a rental towel). You can also enjoy restaurant, shop and walking around the Hot Spring area.
  • 17:30:  A bus return to Sendai.  It will arrive at Sendai city area around 18:20 and Sendai Station at 18:30.



Post Conference Excursions

Thenk you for youre registration to the Post Conference Excursion. We closed the registration in July 2018.  Thanks a lot for your participation.

Plan 1: Mt. Urabandai and Mt. Azuma course (2 nights 3 days)

  • 3 Sept.  Start Sendai in the morning, visit Nihonmatsu or other places,, arrive at Ouchi in the evening. Stay at Ouchi Juku
  • 4 Sept. Start Ouchi.  Trekking to Urabandai. (Goshiki-numa Lakes and adjacent area). Stay at Noji-onsen
  • 5 Sept. Start Noji-onsen, trekking to Jododaira. 
    Start Jododaira at 11:00, arrive at Fukushima train station at 12:00. Lunch at Green Palace Fukushima.
    (optional: Visit herbarium of Fukushima Univ.)
  • Capacity: max 20 people.  Cost: about 500 USD (including meals)
  • Coordinated by Dr. Takahide Kurosawa (Fukushima University)

Plan 2: Mt. Hachimantai and Mt.  Akitakoma course (1 night 2 days)

  • 3 Sept.  Start Sendai in the morning, move to Mt Hachimantai by bus and trekking to the summit. Stay at Tamagawa-onsen.
  • 4 Sept. Start Tamagawa-onsen and move to Mt. Akitakoma by bus. Trekking at Mt. Akitakoma. Rest at Tsurunoyu-onsen in Nyuto Hot Sprint.  Return to Sendai at 19:40
  • Capacity: Max 20 (minimum 10) people.  cost: about 250 - 380 USD (depends on the number of participants) (including meals)
  • Coordinated by Dr. Tomoyuki Nemoto (Ishinomaki Senshu University)

Plan 3: Mt. Shirakami (2 nights 3 days)

  • 3 Sept.  Start Sendai by Shinkansen train to Shin-Aomori. Move to Furofushi Hot Spring by bus.
  • 4 Sept. Start to Omagoshi beach and Senjojiki area. Stay at Dake Onsen Hot Spring.
  • 5 Sept. Start Dake Onsen to Sannai-Maruyama remaining, arrive at Shin-Aomori at 13:00.
  • Capacity and cost not estimated yet.
  • Coordinated by Dr. Koji Yonekura (Tohoku University)

Plan 4: Iriomote Island (3 nights 4 days)

  • 3 Sept.  Start Sendai at 6:00. Flight: Sendai 07:35 - Fukuoka 09:40;  11:30 - Ishigaki 13:30.  Ishigaki Airport - Ishigaki Port (by taxi). Ishigaki Port - Uehara Port (ship). Stay at Iriomote Station, University of the Ryukyus
  • 4 Sept. Field activities: mangrove visit, trekking, kayaking or snorkeling
  • 5 Sept.  Field activities: mangrove visit, trekking, kayaking or snorkeling
  • 6. Sept. Uehara port 9:30 - Ishigaki Port 10:30 (ship); Ishigaki Port 10:50 - Ishigaki Airport 11:10 (bus); Ishigaki Airport 12:30 - Tokyo (Haneda) Airport 15:23
  • Capacity: Max 20 people.  Cost: about 500 USD  (transportation listed above: about 39,000 JPY (flight tickets should be booked by participants).. Stay 4,500 for three nights, Meals: breakfast 400 JPY, dinner 800 JPY, lunch box 500 JPY)
  • Coordinated by Dr. Tadashi Kajita (University of the Ryukyus)

Plan 5: Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark (1 night 2 days)

  • Detail plan will be given here soon. 
  • Capacity: Max 10 people. Cost about 200 USD
  • Coordinated by Dr. Yu Iokawa (Joetsu University of Education) and Toru Ohmiya (Toyama Prefecture)

If you prefer to join one of the Post Conference Excursion, please make registration from the Registration Form on this page.  You can post your preference up to the 2nd Choice. 
We closed the registration to the Post Conference Excursion. Thanks for youre resistrations.
Please remember. If the number of people who requested the excursion exceeds the maximum number of participants, we selects participants on the basis of date of registration on a first come first serve basis. Some of the excursions may not be held if the number of participants does not reach to the minimum number required. You will receive further information about participation to the excursion from the excursion organizers sometime after 6th July.