logo7th International Legume Conference
"Legume Systematics for Next Generation"  29 Aug - 2 Sept 2018,  Sendai,   JAPAN

Travel Support

Travel Support for participants to 7ILC

Organizing Committee Members of 7ILC are making efforts to get financial supports from some organizations in Japan that may help travel of some participants (especially younger researchers) to attend 7ILC. We are doing our best and will inform you when we get a luck.  According to the application schedules for those supports, we may have the results in January 2018 for the fastest ones and after April 2018 for others. The rates of acceptance are not very high (about 10% for the largest support), and we do need luck.

We recommend the participants to seek for travel supports in their own country. We will provide letter of acceptance according to the schedule shown in the page for "Registration and Payment".