logo7th International Legume Conference
"Legume Systematics for Next Generation"  29 Aug - 2 Sept 2018,  Sendai,   JAPAN


Accommodations in Sendai

The venue of 7ILC is near to the center of Sendai City and in walking distance to a lot of hotels. Finding hotels in Sendai is easy through various popular hotel booking sites (Hotels.com, Booking.com, Expedia for example) or through the official web pages of hotels. 

The Conference venue is near to the junction of Hirose-dori Avenue and Bansui-dori Street. Hotels around the area of
 - Jozenji-dori Avenue, Hirose-dori Avenue, Aoba-dori Avenue and Minamimachi-dori Aenue
 - Bansui-dori Street, Kokubuncho-dori Street, Ichibanchou, Higashi-nibancho stree
are very convenient and up to 10 - 15 min on foot.  Hotels around Sendai JR Station are also in walking distance and easy access to Subway system.
 (see the Tourist Map of Sendai PDF provided by SenTIA)

Here you have a list of hotels with the distance to the conference venue (the distance information are according to the search results of Google Map).
 - Hotel Green Arbor  230m, 3 min
 - Keyaki Gesut House, 260m, 4 min
 - Morino  Hotel Sendai, 240m 4 min
 - Ark Hotel Sendai, Aoba Dori  280m, 4min
 - Hotel Green With, 280m, 4 min
 - Hotel Gran Terrace, Sendai Kokubuncho, 350m, 5 min
 - Smile Hotel Sendai, 550m, 8 min
 - Super Hotel, Kokubuncho, 650m, 9 min
 - Super Hotel, Hirose dori, 750m, 10 min
 - Mitsui Garden Hotel, 750m, 10 min
 - Koyo Grand Hotel, 800m, 11 min
  and a lot more !
 (** This list is only to give you idea about accommodations near to the conference venue.  We don't have any detail information about these hotels.)

Recommendation of Super Hotel

We recommend Super Hotel Hirose Dori and Kokubuncho for our participants. The hotels are with reasonable room rates and good facility. Some of the conference organizers will stay in the one at Hirose Dori.
- **Super Hotels are  already completely occupied for the period of the conference. Sorry!

Petition of a Donation of stamped Eco-Card  of Super Hotel:
Please receive "Eco-Card", a stamp card for loyal visitors, when you check-in. Once you collect five stamps on it, you will receive 3,000 JPY cash back when you stay in a different hotel of Super Hotel Group next time. W guess some participants may not have a chance to use the card before going back home. So, organization committee ask your donation of unused stamps at the reception desk of the conference. We will use the donated stamp card for the sweets at the cofee breaks.


Need more information about hotels in Sendai?

Please don't hesitate to send inquiry to "Sendai Tourist Information Desk" by e-mail,  Facebook, or by phone (+81-80-2815-8321). They also provide fancy guidebooks (in English, Chinese and Thai)  in their web page.
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