logo7th International Legume Conference
"Legume Systematics for Next Generation"  29 Aug - 2 Sept 2018,  Sendai,   JAPAN

Presentation Information

Presentation Guidelines

The platform of Oral Presentations (Symposium Talk and Flash Talk)

  1. We accept only PowerPoint (.ppt), Keynote, and Portable Document Format (.pdf) presentations.
  2. At the Conference Hall, we will prepare a computer running Microsoft Windows®, and one running Macintosh OS X connected to a digital projector. Speakers will not  use their laptops for their presentations.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, PowerPoint, and Keynote for Macintosh and Adobe Acrobat Reader for both Windows and Macintosh are available for your talk.
  4. Speakers have to submit the presentation file at least 1 day before your scheduled presentation to the Presentation Desk. You can preview your presentation at the desk and can make minor adjustments if necessary.
  5. Presentation files will only be accepted on flash drives/memory sticks that plug into a standard USB port.
  6. We delete all presentation from the computers after the session.
  7. Symposium organizer has the responsibility to determine the talk length and to finish the symposium within the time given to it.

Symposium Talks

  1. Symposium organizers have the responsibility to complete the session within the scheduled time.
  2. Generally, a symposium is for 90 min with six talks. Each talk is for 15 min including times for questions. For some symposia with less or mor than six talks, symposium organizers determine the talk length.
  3. Speakers have to submit the presentation files according to the instruction above (see Platform of Oral Presentations).

Flash Talks

  1. A Flash Talk is an oral presentation for strictly four min with a maximum of four slides.
  2. Question time is not prepared in the four minutes.
  3. When the four minutes pass, the speaker has to stop the presentation and go down from the stage.
  4. Speakers have to follow the direction of the chairperson.
  5. Speakers have to submit the presentation files according to the instruction above (see Platform of Oral Presentations).

Poster Presentations/ Guidelines


  1. The maximum size of a poster is A0 (841×1189 mm) printed in portrait format (not landscape format).
  2. Text must be in English.
  3. The title should be the same as the one submitted and confirmed by the presenter.
  4. The poster should be made of a material that is easy to fix to posterboard with push pins
  5. All authors (except for ePoster Participants) have to print and bring their posters by themselves to the poster presentation space.


  1. Posters can be placed on the respective boards from the time of Welcome Mixer (16:00 - 19:00, on August 28th) or in the morning 29th Aug. for 8:30  - 9:10.
  2. The poster should be put on the board from the morning of 29th August to the evening of 2nd Sept.
  3. The poster presentation ID will be provided at the reception desk or on the conference web page on 29th Aug.
  4. The Poster Sessions  at 7ILC is at the same time of Tea Breaks during the five days. See the Time Table for the detail time schedule.
  5. Presenters can specify the time for their presentation on the Poster board.
  6. Presenters can also explain their posters to the audience at Welcome Mixer and  Lunch breaks.
  7. The necessary equipment (like adhesive tape) for setting up the poster will be provided at the Poster Exhibition Hall.
  8. Please note that it is the authors’ responsibility to put and remove the poster at the Poster Exhibition hall of 7ILC.
  9. Posters must be removed by 16:00 on 2nd September. Any materials that are left after 17:00 on the day will be thrown away.


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