logo7th International Legume Conference
"Legume Systematics for Next Generation"  29 Aug - 2 Sept 2018,  Sendai,   JAPAN

7ILC Logo

Logo of 7ILC

The logo of 7ILC is designed based on a Japanese Kamon Symbol , NOBORI-FUJI (Ascending Wisteria).  
Kamon is Japanese Unique system of symbols that indicate family, lineage or clan.
You will find more information about Kamon in a well written article in Encyclopedia of Japan

Other Legume Kamon

Here you have some other Legume Kamon.  (By mouse over, you will see the genus name and Kamon name).

Wisteria_noboribarafuji  Lespedeza_dakihagi   Wisteria_fujinomaru     Wisteria_katatefuji     Wisteria_edafuji
Wisteria_sotofujiwa   Pueraria_mitsuwarikuzunoha  Pueraria_mitsukuzunoha     Pueraria_mitsuwarikuzunohana    Lespedeza_marunikumaihagi
Lespedeza_tabanehagi   Wisteria_mitsuyosefujinohana

Thanks for the Japanese Free Kamon sites!
- http://eps.crest-japan.net/
- http://hakko-daiodo.com/about